About Us

        About Gem Soul Creations

Gem Soul Creations is a one-woman business born out of love of gemstones and everything that is beautiful and fulfilling to the soul. Each gemstone possesses its own energy, beauty and healing property. Wearing gemstone jewelry can make a person experience these wonderful properties.
Here in my shop you will find simple designs and other more elaborated ones. Every piece of jewelry is handmade with love and with much attention to detail, in order to create high value and durable pieces that you can enjoy for a long time. I favor materials that assure quality and durability, such as sterling silver, gold vermeil and 14k gold filled. I use techniques such as wire wrapping, beading, metal working.
I work intuitively, finding inspiration from the gemstones themselves, from their beauty, energy and colors. I love combining colors, sometimes creating more subtle and delicate effects and others more bold and luxurious ones.
The gemstones I use in my creations are sourced from Jaipur, India. I do a lot of research to find high quality gemstones from trusted Indian sellers. You can wear or gift my jewelry creations for everyday use or for special occasions.  
Meet the designer
Hi, my name is Irida and I am the designer and owner of GemSoulCreations.
My passion for jewelry making began in my personal search of JOY.
At some point of my life I realized that something was missing, and it was … JOY. In the process of pursuing joy, I discovered the magic of gemstones and the emotions they sparkled in me. Their beauty and energy ignited fire, enthusiasm and a new lifeblood of creativity.
I left an old traditional profession, and dedicated all of my self and time to study and learn jewelry crafting.
Handcrafting my first earrings felt so exciting and fulfilling at the same time, that I didn’t want to stop. It felt like shaping something ethereal and magical into a physical form.
I feel empowered by my gemstones, and through my creations I hope this energy is infused to the people wearing them.
I am a nature lover, born in a coastal city in the south of Albania. Spending time by the sea and nature itself are a great source of inspiration for my creations.